The Company

PC Technology is a family owned business. It began in 1986 and was founded by Amy L. Viggiano (now Amy V. Deittrick) and Allen A. Deittrick.

The Start

PC Technology officially began operation in October of 1986. The business began on a part-time, moonlighting basis. There was one account and the work was performed on one computer. Services provided included consultation and custom software development.

In July of 1987

Both the founders resigned from their careers to dedicate their full time to the operation and evolvement of PC Technology. A small office was sublet and services were increased to include software sales, desktop publishing and training.


Much has changed in the computer industry since 1987 and PC Technology has evolved to keep up with those changes. Our services now include sales and service of computers, network design, deployment and maintence. A big addition is the development of a web presence for clients. This includes website hosting and design.