Giving Back

Allen first moved to Las Vegas as an active memeber of the United States Air Force in 1968. Made two trips overseas, first to Korea ( where he began his study of TaeKwonDo) and then to Thailand. Honorably Dischared from active duty in 1972. Elected to stay in Las Vegas and attend UNLV.


Master Amy Deittrick and Master Allen Deittrick are heavily involved in the Las Vegas valleys TaeKwonDo community. Teaching at numerous Dojang's (schools) and community centers.

TaeKwonDo is A Family Activity

Master Amy Deittrick and Master Allen Deittrick shown here with their daughter.

Black Belt Family

Visit their website to learn more about TaeKwonDo, fitness and nutrition.

Las Vegas Youth

Being parents (and now grandparents) Allen and Amy have always been deeply committed to and involved in youth sports. In addition to TaeKwonDo they are both accomplished soccer players and certified soccer coaches. Both have played in both adult and youth leagues here in Las Vegas.

Their love for soccer and their commitment to helping young people led them to new challenges when they were recuited to coach a youth girls soccer team. One that Allen's daughter was playing on. Amy has also coached Cheer Leading, Volleyball and Basketball