A Few Select Tips

A little about the dreaded s-l-o-w computer, but first a word of caution. There are many sites on the internet that will make all sorts of promises about making your computer faster or more efficient blah de blah and all you have to do is download their FREE application. Downloading anything from the internet is risky. You cannot, you must not trust any site when it comes to downloading files.

First line of defense. Know what website you are on. Lets say you are downloading a trusted product like the Adobe reader. Make sure that the site name in your browser address bar has as the primary site "ADOBE.COM". It could be "download.adobe.com" or "adobereader.adobe.com", but not something like "adobe.getitfree.com" or "adobereader.supersite.com".

Next even if you are on a trusted site make sure you don't get more than you wanted. Often times as you go through the steps to begin your download additional items have been selected for download for you. Look at each step carefully and watch out for check boxes or other selection options that are defaulted to download and install some random product.


Trackers are a given on virtually every website. They are these pesky little programs that keep track of what you are looking at when you visit a website. Have you ever looked at a product online then later gone to FaceBook only to find an ad for the very product you just looked at online. TRACKERS!

There's a great FREE product available called GHOSTERY. Download it here.

Malware and Spyware

Be wary of websites that are not well known. Especially those that offer FREE downloads. The download may be free, but it probably will infect your computer with some pesky bit of spyware or malware. These are the things that slow your computer.

There's a great FREE product available called Malware Bytes that will remove them.

Download it here.


I can't emphasize enough how much caution one must take when it comes to eMail.

There are eMail's (the Ransom Virus) which can destroy ALL of your data and if it is not backed up you can kiss it goodbye.

If you do not know the sender - delete it. DO NOT open it and especially do not click any links or open any attachments.

You will be enticed in many different ways, but do not take the bait.